When the future glory of French sports begins to walk

Daniel Bravo (left) and Bruno Bellone, OGC Nice players at the Batterion de Joinville in 1980. SG / Gymnasium

story -On July 14, nine medal-winning athletes marched with Emmanuel Macron and Champions Army. A symbolic image reminiscent of the Batterion de Joinville, a French army for famous sportsmen.

Many legends of French sports had to replace tracksuits with military trellis at the beginning of their career. Until 1997, when President Jacques Chirac disbanded his military service, even professional athletes had to respect their military obligations.

Ancestors of INSEP

The origin of this military unit dates back to 1852, when Joinville’s regular military gymnastics school opened on July 15 in the Redoutedela Faisanderie near Bois de Vinchennes, not far from the current INSEP site. Under the command of Commander Charles Darjee, with the support of Napoleon Reisne, the purpose was to train sports executives for the military and military gymnastics instructors.she is de facto The first real sports training school founded in France.

“”Therefore, since gymnastics and fencing are taught in the military, there must be a greenhouse where the instructor has come to train so that the instruction is the same and immutable and there is no risk of changing according to each fantasy. wasWas then written in a memo by Francisco Amoros, the Spanish colonel who built military sports in France. It was renamed Joinville Normal School in the early 20th century, renamed Physical Education High School after World War II, and was forced to close during World War II.

Development of military sports

Founded in 1948 by the instigation of the National Sports Institute, which was founded three years ago, the famous form of the Batterion de Joinville was born from an association of various small military sports units in the four corners of France. I did. For several years, a battalion of young sports soldiers first moved to the grounds of Fort Vincennes near the castle, then to Pheasantry, and then permanently to the gravel bastion under the command of Colonel Billet and Lieutenant Colonel Potier. Settled in. Said Major Robert.

In 1967, Antibes Military Sports School, shooting in Montauban, parachute in Po, modern pentathlon in Bordeaux, Navy Sports and Sports Center in Turon formally sports in partnership with Joinville Sports Group. Joint school.

A long list of legends

In total, Youri Djorkaev, Yannick Noah, Richard Virenque, Jean Galfione, Just Fontaine, Bixente Lizarazu, Henri Leconte, Alan Mosconi, Jackson Richardson, Laurent Fignon, or We welcomed 21,000 top athletes, including famous athletes such as Emmanuel Petit. The football section probably represents the French army, the hopeful Olympic team in the same summer as Michel Platini in 1975, and is a familiar name in French football such as Eric Pekout, Omar Sanun and Maxime Bossis. I saw the greatest legend alongside. , Gilles Rampillon, Olivier Rouyer, Jean-Michel Moutier.

From June to December 1991, it was Zinedine Zidane, who was playing for AS Cannes at the age of 19, who served in the Joinville battalion. He also participated in the World Military Cup, which France finished at the foot of the podium. In handball, Bataillon de Joinville won the French Championship in 1961, ahead of Parisian runner PUC. This promotion 61 also participated in the Champions Club Cup the following year and was eliminated by the Germans of Frisch Auf Göppingen in the quarterfinals.

Resurrected in 2014 with a new name

The Joinville Battalion, which was disbanded in 2002, was redeemed in 2014 thanks to the Defense Sports Center (CNSD). A total of 88 high-level athletes contracted with the Army will join the new Batteriron de Joinville, which brings together the summer fields from 22 sports federations and the winter companies on which the French military ski team depends. Some athletes, including the Olympic Champion and Warrant Officer of the National Gendarmerie, Judo Claris Agbenyo, continue to perpetuate the tradition, values, development and success of military sports.

CNSD in Fontainebleau was officially selected for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The CNSD acts as a training center for athletes and as a reception center for specific delegations.