Where do you donate to help the population?

Initiatives and calls for donations have doubled as the war intensified in Ukraine five days after the Russian invasion began. According to the United Nations, more than 500,000 Ukrainians have already left the country.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 500,000 Ukrainians have fled to neighboring countries, as announced by the United Nations on Monday. A massive escape witnessing the dramatic humanitarian consequences of a Russian military attack on its neighbors.

Food, sanitary supplies, and even medical equipment are needed not only for these people who have fled the conflict, but also for the majority of those still present in Ukraine, who are sometimes trapped in the subway in the face of the danger of bombing. While demonstrations of support for Ukrainians are increasing around the world, for example, 100,000 people marched in Berlin this Sunday, BFMTV.com is considering different ways to support the population. increase.

• Make a monetary donation

Many NGOs have set up pots to provide Ukrainian donations to those who want to financially support them.

This is the case for the International Committee of the Red Cross, which proposes to assist the Ukrainian people on its website.

“The Commission continues to work in Ukraine with the Red Cross and Red Crescent partners to save and protect the lives of victims of armed conflict and violence. Our neutral and equitable humanitarian action is We help the most vulnerable people. We can face them together, “the NGO writes.

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The United Nations has also offered to support Ukrainians through an organization dedicated to UNHCR refugees. “Once access to affected people and the safety of humanitarian personnel are guaranteed, we are ready to strengthen our work and provide assistance on the spot and in neighboring countries.” The organization is writing.

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NGO Care International is also proposing to work with the People in Need organization to collect donations to Ukraine. “We are working together to organize an emergency distribution of food, water, sanitation kits, etc. and also provide financial and psychosocial support to those affected by violence,” Care said on its web site. I am writing on the site.

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Many other associations and NGOs have been mobilized for good reason and listed on the “Support Ukraine” site.

• Donate supplies

Since the start of the War in Donbas in 2014 and in the eastern part of the country, many organizations have organized to send physical assistance to Ukraine.

This is the case for the Association Medical and Charitable France-Ukraine, which sent three humanitarian trucks back to the country in early January. Since the Russian offensive began on February 24, the association has been mobilized to collect donations of supplies to send to the scene. In the list of urgent needs, the association specifically addresses “French hospitals, businesses and governments” and produces a list of medical devices that are lacking in the field, such as compresses and antibiotics.

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Dioceses such as the Greek Catholic Ukrainian Parish of St. Atana Cedelion have also been mobilized. As France 3 reported, the Lyon Ukraine Association thus organized a collection there this Sunday.

• Providing accommodation for Ukrainian refugees

Finally, in the face of many refugees brought to the road by the war, mobilization has already been organized to find these Ukrainian host families.

Mobilization was also led by the medical and charity France-Ukraine.

Anyone who wants to host Ukrainians can write to the email address [email protected]

“The first case was transferred to the Ukrainian border and dealt with by Ukrainian authorities,” French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said this Monday.