Which prime minister and which minister are expected?

Cabinet reshuffle: Which prime minister and which minister are expected?

redesign. After his re-election, Emmanuel Macron should radically change his government. Who is the new prime minister? Which elected official was able to get the portfolio? Take inventory.

As a result of the presidential election, this is a new chapter that will open on Sunday, April 24, 2022. Probably by cabinet reshuffle. It is the first time in history that Emmanuel Macron has been reappointed as President of the Republic and has been confirmed to retire in Elysee without leaving a cohabitation period. Nevertheless, the restructuring of the political system has been announced, including the government.

Now that the President of the Republic has been reelected, the current Prime Minister, Jean Castex, will submit the resignation of his government team in the coming days. For future modifications, the Head of State will give a “start” to “give new impetus.” In the minds of Elysee’s residents, a profound reorganization of his government team turns out to be necessary to seduce and show that certain distrust was heard, especially before the explosive legislative elections. maybe.

Remodeling before cohabitation …?

This is the most widespread term since the announcement of the poster for the second round of the 2022 presidential election: cohabitation. Please understand: The majority of parliament is not a politician of the President of the Republic. In this case, the head of state is forced to appoint a prime minister from the majority party of the Palais Bourbon. If this scenario could only occur on June 19th, it seems that the majority of French citizens want it after the second round of the legislative election.

Jean-Luc Melenchon has already called on the French to elect him as prime minister in the ballot. Marine Le Pen will also play a revenge card in June. According to a poll released by BVA on RTL and Orange on Friday, April 22, 2022, 66% of those asked wanted to live together if Emmanuel Macron was elected President of the Republic. I’m out. The legislative campaign is promised to be even more intense than the presidential election, and France has more political uncertainty than ever before.

Emmanuel Macron did not name at all about who could be his new prime minister, his Minister of Justice, or the personality he appoints for internal affairs, labor, educational nations, foreign affairs or health. Meanwhile, the presidential candidate has shown the main axis of his remorse. He says, “We want to be surrounded by a team of people who continue to give dynamics and I want to keep pulling out. A new generation.”

In their heads is the prime minister with new privileges. Future residents of Matignon will be “directly responsible for the ecological planning”. Therefore, you need to provide the corresponding profile. This probably requires a closer government to be proposed to the President of the Republic, according to Europe 1, even without a Deputy Minister or Secretary of State. , Marked to the left of the first 5 years.

So who can play the role of the new prime minister? There are several hypotheses in the table. Given the political restructuring in France, Emmanuel Macron turned 180 degrees after appointing two government leaders from the right, this time with more ambition and bending the ecosystem. I was able to bet on a politician.This is the origin of the nameElizabeth BornThe current Minister of Labor has recently returned. Julian DonormandyResponsible for agriculture, one of the cornerstones of the 2017 victory and a craftsman for the 2022 campaign, he may inadvertently be promoted to Matignon. Unless there is a personality in front of the stage, such as Edouard Philippe or Jean Castex, which is not yet known to the general public.

Who can be the new minister?

Perhaps large-scale cleaning should be done by ministries. Indeed, if reflections have already taken place for some time, the trends that the government will have for the foreseeable future will not really appear. If only your head changes. According to the ill-advised head of state interlocutor reported by Le Canard enchaîné, no more than four or five ministers should be maintained by Emmanuel Macron. For the names involved, only bets are open and the subject of negotiations is not yet loose.

Given the ecological changes Emmanuel Macron made between the two rounds, the Head of State Pascal Canfin, A former member of EELV and a former managing director of WWF France. He is currently MEPLREM and chairs the Environmental, Public Health and Food Safety Commission of the European Parliament. With Barbara Pompiri, Minister of Ecology Transition, the author of Le Monde’s column, which promises “a climate programming law that can harmonize the” end of the world “and the” end of the month “by the end of 2022, is President Greenvale. Among the new names Emmanuel Macron was able to pull out of his hat Carl olive.. Mayor Poissy has expressed and confirmed the support of the head of state, but it may be in a small document. In sports? Not impossible, the local elected officials were the president of the football club, the referee, the sports director of I-Télé, and the representative of the French Football Federation of the Professional Football Federation.

Emmanuel Macron can also delve into Édouard Philippe’s political movement, Horizon, with a view to coalitions for legislative elections. Manuel Valls, Eric Woerth Also Christian estroji..

Which minister can leave the government?

On the departure side, the large sweep that the applicant envisioned for his own succession would have to start with Jean Castex and have many key figures pack the boxes, but Jean Michel Blanker also I can’t stop from the beginning of Emmanuel’s mission. Macron, Minister of National Education, who remained in this position for the longest time under the Fifth Republic. The fate of waiting for other prominent ministers such as Roselyne Bachelot, Frédérique Vidal and Eric Dupond-Moretti appears to be sealed, except for an unexpected turnaround. It seems that nothing has been recorded yet about Gerald Darmanin, Olivier Véran, Amelie de Montcharin and Olivier Dussopt.

When will the redesign take place?

If there is a new victory in the presidential election, the current President of the Republic must appoint a new Prime Minister the day after the result or the next day, before pre-formalizing the government in the middle of the week. If Emmanuel Macron wins the vote, he will not wait between the announcement of the verdict and the transfer of power. Therefore, in 1988 François Mitterrand was reelected on Sunday, May 8th, appointed Prime Minister Michel Rocard on the 10th, and formalization of the government took place on the 12th and 13th May. In 2002, Jacques Chirac first came on May 5th, and the next day, on the 8th, he announced Jean-Pierre Raphalin of Matignon, who officially announced the name of the minister.

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Castex Government

  • Prime Minister, Head of Government: Jean Castex
  • Minister
  • Foreign Minister: Jean-Yves Le Drian
  • Minister of Ecology Transition: Barbara Pompiri
  • Minister of Education, Youth and Sports: Jean-Michel Blankel
  • Minister of Economy, Finance and Reconstruction: Bruno Le Maire
  • Minister of Army and Defense: Florence Parli
  • Minister of Interior: Gerald Darmanin
  • Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration: Elizabeth Born
  • Foreign Minister: Sébastien Lecornu
  • Minister of Justice, Seal Keeper: Eric Dupond Moretti
  • Minister of Cohesion and Territory: Jacqueline Gourmet
  • Minister of Culture: Rosline Bashlot
  • Minister of Health Solidarity: Olivier Véran
  • Minister of the Sea: Annick Girardin
  • Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation: Frederick Vidal
  • Minister of Agriculture and Food: Julian Donormandy
  • Civil servants and Minister of Public Transformation: Amelie de Montcharin
  • Representative Minister
  • Ministerial Representative for Parliamentary Relations: Marc Fesneau
  • Minister for Gender Equality, Rights and Equal Opportunity Representative: Elizabeth Moreno
  • Minister for Trade and Attractiveness: Franck Riester
  • Minister of Housing: Emmanuelle Wargon
  • Representative of the Minister of Transport: Jean-Baptiste Djebbari
  • Representative of the Minister of Public Accounting: Olivier Dusopt
  • Representative of the Minister of Industry: Agnès Panier Runacher
  • SME Minister Representative: Alan Grisset
  • Minister of Sports: Roxana Maracineanu
  • Minister of Memory and Veterans Affairs: Genevieve Darieussec
  • Minister for Immigration: Marlene Siappa
  • Minister of Integration: Brigitte Klinkert
  • Representative of the Minister in charge of the city: Nadia Hai
  • Representative of the Minister of Home Affairs: Bridget Bourguignon
  • Secretary of State
  • Secretary of State, Government spokesman: Gabriel Attal
  • Sophie KruselIn charge of persons with disabilities, to the Prime Minister
  • With the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Baptiste RemoinIn charge of tourism, overseas French citizens, Francophony
  • With the Minister of Foreign Affairs Clement BeauneEurope
  • With the Minister of Ecology Transition Belanger AbbaIn charge of biodiversity.
  • With the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports Natalie ElimusPriority education manager, Mr. Sarael HairyResponsible for youth and engagement
  • With the Minister of Economy and Finance Cedric OResponsible for digital transitions and electronic communications
  • With the Minister of Economy and Finance Olivia GregoireResponsible for social, solidarity and responsible economy
  • Minister of Labor and Employment, LHave a PietraszewskiIn charge of pension and occupational health
  • With the Minister of Territorial Development Joel GiraudRural charge
  • With the Minister of Solidarity and Health Adrian BambooI am in charge of children and family.