White water sports in the Aude Valley sunk by the Ukrainian conflict

Using the war in Ukraine as an excuse, the Whitewater Sports Department was informed of the non-renewal of the so-called “Whitewater” agreement, which provides 16 water cannons in the spring. And blame the dramatic recession.

Didier Astre evoked renegotiation “decide”, April 28, in the sub-prefecture of Limoux (May 2 article). However, a big complaint from Aude Vive’s treasurer was that there was no negotiation about a division group of white water sports and outdoor activity companies. Take this opportunity “We learned of the accusations of the so-called” living water “agreement by the EDF service and were verified by the Deputy Prime Minister. “Has written the association exactly to Deputy Prime Minister Patrice Buzzilard, Regional President, Department, CCI, National Chamber of Agriculture, Senator Sebastien Pla and Mireille Robert, without the current return.

“But this agreement has allowed us to secure the water resources needed to keep our activities running smoothly during the seasonal” wings “and during the summer for over 20 years. “, Continue courier. Therefore, all spring release dates (16) have been canceled today. “Despite favorable rainfall and snowfall, the only cause caused was the Ukrainian conflict,Write Aude Vive again, It will mobilize the country’s hydropower resources needed for high electricity production on a large scale and exclusively.

“” Dramatic situation “”

result, “Dramatic situation” For sectors closed throughout the spring. “It’s a double dangerDidier Astre explains, Economic suspension and loss of credit in the sector. Knowing that we can’t work and need to schedule our activities, we pass “Charlo” by canceling the reservation. This also generally affects the tourist destinations of Aude. “

It must be understood that rafting practice is no longer possible without EDF water discharge. Flagship Activities-50% of Monitored Services – Rafting is the greatest attraction of the destination of Aude, the only river in Occitania where you can practice all white water sports. “Without squid, there is nothing that distinguishes us from our neighbors. Didier Astre explains. We are stuck with a complete purchase order, already submitted dates, hired staff, and equipment updates. Two years after being limited to the summer season, I was finally able to work on the “wings” of the season. Here you need to find an urgent solution to at least protect the spring and secure the summer. ” Faced with the obedience of faith, Didier Astre and Aude Vibe challenge the method.“No consultation, delayed, unilateral and brutal decisions, and the impossibility of dealing with catch-up scenarios”

.. “” Back around the table

“” And ask“Get the table back and at least benefit from a severe drought scenario” .. This means that it has been around since 2017, with a 20% reduction in all usage, 5 days in the spring of White Water Sports, 5 hours per day between July 1st and August 31st ( Water is discharged (instead of 6 hours).

“Relieve yourself, don’t forget to go to the end of summer.” In addition, fearing the risk of rising water prices, Aude Vive hopes to be integrated into the Public Interest Group planned for 2023, which aims to create an EDF monetary compensation system. ..

“We want to consolidate all our users and respect the costs available to everyone. EDF understands that we are trying to cash the strongest water, but the valley’s economic life and macroeconomics. There is a balance between .. We are not ready to leave this valley, especially because we are the only non-absorbers of resources and our activities generate wealth. We don’t want to be sacrificed at the macroeconomic altar, so it’s a negotiating table! “

Aude Vive also wants to join the sectoral crisis unit of the Ukrainian conflict-affected companies.

Prior to the 2017, 2018 and 2020 floods, and the Covid period, the Whitewater Sports Sector had 52,000 surveillance services, 27 structures (16 major and 11 subcontractors), over 100 direct employment, Sales of € 2,347 million, and induced savings of 6.15M.

Two complementary agreements The Matemare Treaty, which has existed for almost 30 years, allows the practice of whitewater sports without changing the amount of water allocated to agriculture (up to 10 million m3 for irrigation) and the flora. , Flora, and for drinking water catchment areas. EDF will store as much water as possible from April 1st to maximize the filling of Matmar Dam (about 30 M m3) and Puy Valador (10 M). We believe that the summer of 1998 is complementary. The upper limit is 1.2 Mm3, which provides sufficient water for irrigation, wildlife, white water sports and water supply in the event of a summer drought. It can be drunk from July 1st to August 31st.