Who is his new minister?

Macron Government: Who is his new minister?

government. If Emmanuel Macron is reelected as President of the Republic, which minister will form the new government? overview.

This is one of the questions surrounding Emmanuel Macron’s campaign between the two rounds: Which minister can surround himself to govern a possible president of the Republic for the next five years? Already in 2017, questions were raised about this political novice who appeared to the general public when he was appointed to the Ministry of Economy three years ago. He finally collaborated with political figures already experienced in the ministerial elections (Baileu, Le Dorian, Le Mer), political regulars (Columbu, Ferrand), or famous civil society figures (Yuro). Produced a generation of electors. Officials by promoting them to senior officials. What about 2022 if the French bring Emmanuel Macron back to Elysee?

For the time being, there is one thing that is certain. The current Prime Minister, Jean Castex, will submit a government resignation the day after the results of the second round if Emmanuel Macron wins. And the overhaul needs to be deep. Since the resignation does not necessarily lead to the resignation of all ministers, the head of state has already announced the color of a major remodeling, saying “become the current person who will allow us to continue.” I’m drawing an overview of the team I want to continue to create a dynamic and new generation, as I had outsourced to Figaro in early April. Its purpose is to “provide an explosion in the aftermath of the presidential election and provide new impetus.”

Who is the new prime minister?

As published Chained ducks On March 16th, Emmanuel Macron will undertake a major remodeling of government members. “No more than four or five” ministers will be reappointed, according to Palmipede, who cites sources reporting statements that the presidential candidate would have made. It supports his remark one month later. The names haven’t been filtered yet, even if the first idea is already underway.

Among their portfolios, or at least among the ministers in positions that were able to maintain the place of government Julian DonormandyThe current Minister of Agriculture, after having a city following the Secretariat for territorial cohesion, is an important part of the puzzle for his proximity and loyalty to Emmanuel Macron. His appointment as his prime minister is not excluded. Another central element that Emmanuel Macron needs to configure: Sebastian Le Corne.. The foreign ministers, formerly in the territorial community, are part of the inner circle that was able to engage upstream in the head of state’s presidential campaign and retain government power. The third name is also sometimes mentioned:Alexis Kohler, The current Secretary-General of Elysee, who may enter the government. From there until you become a leader? It is not well understood.

In the Corridor of Power, Echo suggests that two women are also subject to Matignon. Christine Lagarde, Patriotism of the European Central Bank, Former Director of the International Monetary Fund, Former Minister of Economy, Sarkozy. Proposed to Emmanuel Macron. The main stakeholder says she doesn’t want to leave her current position.The other names that come up areElizabeth Born.. The former Minister of Labor of the Ministry of Transport can take the initiative as follows: point When Le FigaroThe latter specifically quotes Christoph Castanel, the boss of LREM’s agent. “Two reforms that were considered” impossible “for a five-year term with respect to SNCF and unemployment insurance were driven by Elizabeth Borne. But the choices, which themselves are from this trend, could not always be appealed to the left, given the opposition that these reforms caused.

On his side, Emmanuel Macron, Figaro April 7th. “In 2017, I made the unprecedented choice of appointing a prime minister who wasn’t with me during the campaign, and wasn’t from my politician, and then I’m the same as Jean Castex. I did, “he commented. You should always choose the one that seems to work best with what you want to wear at the moment. In any case, this means keeping the overtaking moving forward. What suggests that his future head of government is not an LREM card?

Which minister can you hold?

Given the current geopolitical situation Jean-Yves Le Drian In foreign affairs or Florence Parly For the Army Mayor Bruno He who managed the coronavirus crisis and economic recovery in the economy.That period Gabriel Atal It stood out at the door parlorat. Unanimously welcomed by the clarity of his speech, the youngest of the governments could also be integrated into the new government’s equations.

On the departure side, the majority of the ministers assigned are Jean-Michel Blanker.. The Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, who has been in office since 2017, has been the subject of much criticism, albeit close to Emmanuel Macron, and has been particularly exposed throughout his five-year term. Olivier VéranThe Health Minister, who regained control of the health crisis when the epidemic was at its highest and whose fate is uncertain,Eric Dupont Moretti..

Who can be the new minister?

Nothing has been mentioned yet in the possibility of arrival at the new government. Only Christine Lagarde’s hypothesis, in which the Prime Minister temporarily flushed a small amount of ink, slipped into Emmanuel Macron by Nicolas Sarkozy. However, a former minister of Chirac and Sarkozy and a former director of the International Monetary Fund has been appointed president of the European Central Bank. “I have a job and a job. I will be in Frankfurt until 2027. I will not.” Usually I give up on the way. ” Formerly elected officials on the left or right gathered at Emmanuel Macron can also keep in mind the integration of governments (Vals, Welt, Estroji, Musurier, vassals, etc.). As a candidate for president, he is thinking of a team formed by “a new generation” who “wants to continue to draw out” while being “a person who can continue to exert his strength”.

Emmanuel Macron said he would be a headache given the need to find a political balance with the sensibilities of all allies, as the issue of the names that make up the future government has not yet been determined. He would have promised to respect the rules he had announced, before ignoring them, held in 2017: limiting the number of ministers, deputy ministers and secretaries of state.according to Europe 1The presidential candidate will consider limiting his government to 15 ministers and excluding the posts of deputy ministers and secretary of state. He also wants to confirm the privileges of these positions by focusing on specific themes on a fixed schedule. Do you keep his words this time?

Jean Castex Government

The current administration, led by Jean Castex, was announced on July 6 and 26, 2020. After Edouard Philippe’s resignation, it was updated to one-third, and on December 8, 2021, Alan Grisset, Minister of Small Business, resigned. , Natalie Elimus, Secretary of State for Priority Education, resigned on March 5, 2022, following the ruling of “an incomplete or misleading declaration of his financial situation” (after the start of an administrative investigation into the accusations of moral harassment). Resignation-à-to his collaborators) and Jacqueline Gour, Minister of Territorial Cohesion, a member of the Constitutional Council. All three were replaced by existing government members, and their privileges were expanded.

The Jean Castex administration will continue to exercise until the end of the second round of the presidential election. A few days after the voting results, the Prime Minister submits his resignation and government resignation, as Bernard Kazneuve did in 2017 (three days after the second round) or Francois Fillon in 2012 (four days later). is needed. .. Until a new prime minister is appointed, it will be the last prime minister to control the country’s day-to-day operations.

Here is a list of Castex Government Ministers : Jean Castex, Prime Minister, Head of Government. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Europe. Barbara Pompiri, Minister of Ecology Inclusive Transitions. Jean-Michel Blankel, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Finance and Reconstruction. Florence Parly, Minister of Army and Defense. Gerald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior. Elizabeth Born, Minister of Labor, Employment and Integration. Sebastian Le Corne, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Eric Dupond Moretti, Minister of Justice, Guardian of the Seal. Joel Giraud, Minister of Cohesion and Territory. Rosline Bashlot, Minister of Culture. Olivier Véran, Minister of Health and Solidarity. Annick Girardin, Minister of the Sea; Frederique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education and Research Innovation. Julian Donormandy, Minister of Agriculture and Food. Amery de Montcharin, Minister of Public Services and Transformation.

List of Representative Ministers: Marc Fesneau, Minister of Parliamentary Relations. Elizabeth Moreno, Minister for Gender Equality, Rights and Equal Opportunity. Franck Riester, Ministerial Representative for Foreign Trade and Attractiveness. Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister of Housing. Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Deputy Minister of Transport; Olivier Dussopt, Representative of the Minister of Public Accounting. Agnès Panier Runacher, Representative of the Minister of Industry. Jean-Baptiste Lemoin, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Tourism, French citizens abroad, La Francophony. Roxana Maracineanu, Minister of Sports. Genevieve Darieussec, Minister of Memory and Veterans Affairs. Marlene Siappa, Minister of Citizenship. Brigitte Klinkert, Minister of Integration. Nadia Hai, the representative of the minister in charge of the city.Bridget Bourguignon, Representative of the Minister of Home Affairs

Gabriel Attal, government spokesman. Sophie Krusel, responsible for the disabled. Clement Beaune, in charge of European issues. Berangère Abba in charge of biodiversity. Sara El Hairley is in charge of engagement with a young man. Cedric O, responsible for digital migration and electronic communications. Olivia Gregoire is responsible for social, solidarity and responsible economy. Laurent Piétraszewski, responsible for pensions and occupational health. Adrian Take is in charge of children and family.