Who is the main suspect, Leuk Le Priol, arrested in Hungary?

Leuk Le Prior was arrested four days after the assassination of Argentine rugby player Federico Martin Aramble in Paris. He is a former soldier and a member of the Super Right Movement GUD.

The Loïk Le Priol run ended overnight in Hungary from Tuesday to Wednesday. The main suspect in the assassination of Argentine rugby player Federico Martin Aramble last weekend on Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris was arrested when he attempted to “fight” across the Ukrainian border. He was arrested after discovering that he was under a European arrest warrant.

Leuk Le Prior, 27, is a former soldier. After he was trained at the Naval Sailor School in Djibouti from 2010 to 2011, he was assigned to the Navy Commandos Montfort, an elite unit of the French Special Forces, between Mali and 2013-2015. Djibouti. He returned to France due to a state of stress after severe trauma. He was subsequently dismissed from the military for disciplinary action.

Trial in June next year

An activist of the far-right student organization Groupe Union Défense, well known for the acronym GUD, it disbanded in 2017. Leuk Le Prior already deals with police and judicial services.according to MarianneAt the age of 19, he was sentenced to four months in prison for violence. A few years later, he had to deal with the judicial system again, which he determined was intentional violence and drunk driving at the meeting.

In 2016, Leuk Le Prior was charged with “worse violence.” Since then, he has been involved in particularly violent attacks on former GUD personnel.In the video released from the site at that time Mediapart, Logan Djian, head of the GUD in Paris, can be seen beating the undressed victim. Loïk Le Priol is suspected of filming the attack.

After two dismissals, on June 1, the Paris Criminal Court brought Logan Djian, Loïk Le Priol, and three other members of GUD to trial on these facts. The first two were detained after his indictment. They were released after paying a deposit of € 25,000 of unknown origin. Since then, Leuk Le Prior has been banned from participation in Paris.

Arrested in Hungary

In 2016, Roycle Prior established a clothing brand that voluntarily targeted identity activists. “To be solid, you need to know where you’re from, where you’re going, you know your roots, you know history, you just need to make sure you’ve learned,” he explained in an interview with Canal +. His brand “Babto Certified Solid”, Babto, comes from Tubab, the name given to Europeans in Africa. Former director of the National Youth Front, known as the far-right acquaintance, Julian Rochedi, and even General Piquemar, are also posing in branded T-shirts.

2016 Leuk Le Prior.
2016 Roycle Prior. © Facebook Roycle Prior

Julian Rochedi explained that he had been away from the latter for years since the death of former rugby player Federico Martin Aramble and his involvement in the assassination of Leuk Le Prior. The activist he describes was “cracked. He continued to shrink his army, but when I last met him in Paris, he had a girlfriend and the project looked peaceful. I. We were happy, “he explains, claiming that his Twitter account was” dragged “with him” around 2012-2014. “

Leuk Le Prior, arrested in Zohony on the Hungarian-Ukrainian border on Tuesday night, was cross-examined by Hungarian authorities. He said he wanted to join Ukraine to fight. Three knives were confiscated from his car. It should be handed over to the French authorities within a few days or weeks and will be presented directly to the judge.

His girlfriend was already charged on Tuesday. She was suspected of driving an army jeep, from which a second suspect, Romaine Bubier, went out to shoot a former rugby player. The latter was arrested in Salt on Wednesday.

Justine Chevalier with AFP