Who is the new sports minister?

Unlike Roxana Maracineanu, who relied on the Ministry of Education, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra will restore a full-fledged ministry. She will also be responsible for the 2024 Paris Games, as shown in the title of her portfolio, “The Minister of Sports and the Olympics and Paralympics.” The new minister is also the wife of Frederick Udea, the boss of Societe Generale, who just announced his departure in 2023.

Victory return

Near Emmanuel Macron-occupied the ENA bench together with the Leopold Cedar promotion-Amerio Ude Castella aspires to access this position already in 2017 before being doubled by former Fencer Laura Fressel. was doing.according to teamAmélie Oudéa-Castéra was also responsible for writing the head of state sports program.

He also mobilized athletes and leaders to sign two platforms to support the presidential candidate in two rounds with Marine Le Pen. However, although her name has been going on for weeks, she said at BFM Business on Monday that she “has a super cool head” and that the main draw begins on Sunday “fully focused on the French Open”. ..

After spending several years in the auditor’s court, she diverged into the private sector. In particular, insurance company Axa, followed by Carrefour, served as e-commerce directors. But in recent years, sports sirens have brought her back. Thus, Amelie Udea Castella has applied for the General Manager of the Organizing Committee of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, led by Etienne Tobois.

Founded in 2016, the think tank “Let’s Renovate Sports” initiative addresses ethical issues and “sports for all”. Recently, with the help of former Judoist Thierry Rey, who failed to become CNOSF’s presidential candidate, she was unable to join the Olympic Committee’s board of directors.

“A little technique”

“AOC” is sometimes nicknamed and has the same abbreviation as Alexandria Ocasiocortes, the bubbling representative of the American Democratic Party, and joined the Tennis Federation in March 2021 after Gilles Moretton was elected chief. She “chosen to leave money for the CAC 40 Group Executive Committee to listen to her passion and her internal organs,” she said in tennis news after a doubles losing match. The person who cleaned up the racket was Amelie Mauresmo in 1996.

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“She checks a lot of boxes,” observes AFP’s formerly elected officials who judge her to be “great and fun.” “800 days after the Olympics, it will work,” also judges the Federal President, who was investigated prior to his appointment. Besides, she is a woman. In a statement of his name that had spread over the weeks, few were injured. “People who say she doesn’t get a post because her husband is the managing director of Societe Generale say so because she doesn’t want to be a minister,” deciphers this federal president.

The same praise was received from sports executives. She said, “She stands up quickly, she is smart, and she knows how to surround her.” “Small techno” shows the nuances of another elected official, she added, “she pays attention to what she can say.” She explained to the economist circle on Wednesday that “more sports need to be infused into the center of our country’s educational projects,” triggered by her taken axis during her first five-year term. bottom.