Why “Batman” is so different from previous Dark Knight movies

This Wednesday, at the theater on March 2, this movie by Matt Reeves awakens an eighties antihero with a dark and scary thriller. Seven..

Batman (83) continues to update himself. Despite the years gone by, the antihero envisioned in 1939 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane surprises and maintains his freshness, thanks to Matt Reeves’ particularly dark and miserable new film. can do(Cloverfield, Planet of the Apes: Hegemony).

This Wednesday, March 2nd at the cinema. Batman, Robert Pattinson in the title role, freeing him from previous films with Michael Keaton, Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, returning to the essence of the character and creating an ambitious and complex feature film that immerses the audience in the story. Offers.Gasping worthy of a police officer Seven..

As the murderer preys on Gotham’s elite through a series of sadistic plans, mysterious clues lead Batman to the underworld’s investigation. There he meets characters such as Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz), Penguin (Colin Farrell), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and Riddler (Paul Dano).

“I wanted it to be the first movie to stage The Batman in a realistic way,” confirms in an interview given to BFMTV, Matt Reeves.The director was inspired by several flagship comics, including: Zero year With Frank Miller and David Madskeri Long Halloween Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale. “I wanted to go back to the essence of Superman’s optimistic comics. I wanted to make it a really dark thriller to show how Batman became the greatest detective in the world. . “

“You can’t work on this kind of project unless you’re sure you can bring something different to this universe,” says producer Dylan Clark. “I think that’s what we did. There was no Batman solo movie for 10 years. The audience will experience a more visceral and more intense version of Matt’s character.” The actor first. The feeling I felt when I read the script.

“From the first two pages it was clear that I was reading the script of a great director,” says Paul Dano, who plays a particularly horrifying riddler. “Surprisingly, I was totally surprised at the writing of this script. I didn’t expect it. The way each scene produced the next scene was very good. It was touching and very personal. The aspects of the story, and the play of the prototype of this universe. “

Jeffrey Wright and Robert Pattinson
Jeffrey Wright and Robert Pattinson in “Batman” © Warner

Jeffrey Wright was also amazed at this bold reread that brought more diversity to the universe created before World War II. It means that you have a twisted desire to limit art. It’s a strange fantasy. Matt Reeves breathes new life into the story. “

“Completely crazy” shoot

Another big change: for the first time in a movie theater Batman After the movie shows, you won’t bring up the infamous sequence of Wayne’s parents’ murders in the alleys Zoro’s sign.. “I didn’t want to tell him his origin again,” claims Matt Reeves, who has a mustache like Commissioner Gordon. “We saw it many times and felt it was unnecessary. I liked to show the rookie Batman trying to figure out who he was.”

“The relationship between Batman and Gordon is still in its infancy,” says Jeffrey Wright, a new interpreter for the famous Commissioner. “Gordon is outdoors. He gets his hands dirty to investigate Riddler’s behavior. Gordon and Batman spend a lot of time together and their relationship will mature through their lives.”

The action takes place two years after Bruce Wayne’s first step in Batman. “He hasn’t perfected his art yet,” says Dylan Clark. “He’s scary. He has an obsession. We haven’t seen his side yet, so you can see him attacking the criminal twice in the trailer. I would like to show you how this slightly violent Batman evolves. The psychological evolution of hope and justice characters we know is very different from what we saw in previous movies. [de la franchise].. “

Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson
Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson in “Batman” © Warner

Shooting in the midst of a pandemic confirmed this feeling. The team left the world to shoot on a huge set in the city of Gotham rebuilt in a studio in London. “It was a very immersive experience. I didn’t see anyone throughout the shoot,” confirms Robert Pattinson. “We rarely left the set. My hotel was nearby. We were immersed in this universe for almost a year and a half.” “It’s been our reality all the time. It’s completely crazy. It was, “says Zoe Kravitz, who plays Serena Kyle, also known as Catwoman.

“I was a little upset by what I saw.”

Visually, the movie is “totally crazy,” and even “very, very surprising,” Bruce Wayne, tortured like a depressed teenager, is the savior of Grange. Claims Robert Pattinson, inspired by one Kurt Cobain. And I was a little upset by what I saw. People will like it. Especially fans. Matt really caught the tone of the cartoon. In the movie, Batman is always very clearly defined as a hero. In this movie, it doesn’t seem to have won. He will be far torn between good and evil. He will be a little strange too. “

Like other good Dark Knight stories, Batman Dive into the spirit of Batman. Each secondary character is a distorted mirror of his mistakes and pain, and suffers as much as he, explains Andy Serkis, who plays bodybuild Alfred. His guilt as a bodyguard who couldn’t protect Bruce’s parents-and tried to relieve his regret that he could never be his father who should have gone to Bruce. “

Colin Farrell
Colin Farrell’s “The Bam © Warner Bros.

The Oswald Cobblepot, also known as the Penguins, is also very different from his previous incarnation by Danny DeVito at Tim Burton. This iconic character appears in the form of a particularly vulnerable individual, devoured by his vices and embodied by the unrecognizable Colin Farrell.A character inspired by Fred, the timid descendant of the Corleone family GodfatherRevealed the actor In a column of Empire magazine last December..

Keep a secret

But like many thrillers, the real star of the movie is the city (in this case Gotham), and the main subject is the corruption of this megalopolis, inspired by both New York and Chicago. “Batman is an anti-corruption person in a corrupt world,” says Matt Reeves. “Riddler kills an important Gotham public figure like the mayor. It turns out that he was like a pillar of the city and was not the person he claimed after his death …”

“We will understand the link between murder and the morals of the city’s important personality,” continues the director. “This movie reveals the essence of Gotham. I understand that Gotham has been corrupt since its inception. Return to Arkham’s creation. [l’asile où sont enfermés les ennemis de Batman, NDLR], To Bruce Wayne’s parents. It turns out that they are not as perfect as we think. This will rock the blues. That is a very important aspect of the story. “

But this new piece, which should be a landmark in the history of blockbusters and superheroic stories, is full of surprises and shouldn’t be said any further in order to maintain the effects of the surprises as much as possible. “When I discover the movie I had when I read Matt’s script, I want the public to do the same,” Paul Dano launches. “I don’t like to keep the movie so secret, but the story is so amazing that it’s better.”