Why Christiane Taubila’s candidacy turned into a blunder

Her announcement was expected. Christiane Taubila announced on Wednesday, March 2, that she would withdraw from the Elysee race two days before the deadline to send the signatures of 500 elected officials to the Constitutional Council. From her election headquarters, in the middle of the day, the left-wing candidate realized that she couldn’t verify the tickets for the first round of the presidential election. At this stage, there are only 181 sponsorships in total.

“It’s clear that despite the very strong mobilization of volunteers and my campaign team, despite the promises of many elected officials that haven’t come true, we can’t put together 500 sponsorships.“She let go. “To fight“She refused to call to vote for another leftist candidate.

Since his candidacy was formalized in mid-January Former seal keeper She failed to unite her camp, the goal she set when she started running last fall. Dangerous schedules, painstaking polls, criticized and poorly supported projects … Franceinfo deciphers why the Christiane Taubila campaign failed.

After a few months of procrastination because his remarks were delayed

Since the end of the fall of 2021, the little music of the presidential election declaration has returned insisted. After a few months of hesitation, the former seal keeper finally plummeted in two stages. First, on December 17, in a video posted on a social network, “Consider becoming a candidate for the President of the Republic of France”.. And a month later, on January 15th, he officially announced his candidacy at the first campaign meeting in Lyon.

However, just three months after the first round, former members of Guyana are far behind the competitors on the left.Very quickly, the latter blamed without hesitation, like the socialist Anne Hidalgo and the “rebellious” Jean-Luc Melenchon. “Another application” To the left.

“She is a character who believes she is providential. However, she disappeared from political life for six years, but the others on the left want to win midterm elections such as local and local elections. Continues to fight. “At that time, I worked on the PS tenor at Francais Info and confirmed that Christiane Taubila had definitely received it. “Dozens of calls from the person in charge remained to discourage her from going there.”

Because she embarked on a popular primary adventure alone.

It was his stepping stone and his starting point for Elysee’s solid candidacy. Alas, the popular primary did not allow the original seal keeper to justify his candidacy in the already fragmented left.

She met with the organizers of this citizen ballot several times in October and November. “She thinks the left is the only way to get back into the race.”, And one of his supporters, Christian Paul, said. The people’s major process appears to be gaining momentum in early December as Anne Hidalgo and Arnaud Montebourg have announced they are ready to support a single candidacy.

At the beginning of 2022, things will be very different. Due to lack of momentum, Arnaud Montebourg will withdraw in mid-January. Anne Hidalgo, on the other hand, asserts that she will maintain her candidacy regardless of the outcome of the popular primary. Christiane Taubila is currently the only person to support this initiative to the end. At the end of January, the former Minister of Justice also acquired this informal investiture.

Christiane Taubila wanted to take off in a poll that won about 5% of her voting intentions in January, with a victory at the popular Primary and repeated calls to leftist unions. The exact opposite is happening in February. Opinion polls show that a small election base is gradually eroding between 1% and 2% on average on Tuesday, March 1. “She was elected thanks to the rally and it was difficult to understand what the rally’s roadmap was.”Samuel Grzybowski, one of the popular primary spokespersons, regrets to franceinfo.

Because his project is highly criticized and controversial.

The day after participating in Elysee’s race, the attack merged with his lack of program. Faced with a well-established candidate on the left, Christiane Taubila cannot hear her voice in this presidential election. Even its strongest proposals include a revaluation of Smic to a net value of € 1,400, a tax recovery on big bucks, and a reduction in VAT to 0% for products from organic farming. “Promote access to healthy, quality foods”I’m having a hard time making an impression on public opinion.

The ambiguity that the candidate maintains around her position regarding vaccination against Covid-19 also adversely affected her candidacy. At the end of September 2021, former Minister Francois Hollande said she was at RTL. “It is not intended to call on the people of Guyana to be vaccinated.” A statement that the candidate will be dragged like a ball and chain throughout the campaign, despite several attempts at clarification.

Another failure not overlooked during this express campaign: his intervention on housing at the Abbe Pierre Foundation on February 2nd. When asked about the potential increase in Active Solidarity Income (RSA), which seems to be inadequate, the marriage figures for all stutterers cannot give a clear answer on this subject.

Because his sponsorship collection was volatile

This is the ultimate failure of this campaign and it prevents it. de facto Christiane Taubila was unable to gather enough sponsors from elected officials to attend the first round in order to run for president within 40 days.

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During her withdrawal speech from Wednesday’s campaign, the current former candidate claimed the character “abolition” Contrary to the popular Primary process, such a system stands in the presidential election. “This candidacy, rooted in citizens’ initiative, is being thwarted by the executive system.” WHO “I’m taking my breath”She railed and blamed the party “People who only have the ability to do harm”..

In this campaign, Christiane Taubila had a time to raise the sponsorship counter, relying on elected members of the Radical Party of the Left (PRG) to rally her candidacy. Difficulty of post-primary popularity?Not less than “PRG sponsorships selected in 170 local elections will be released next week. Don’t worry.”Consignment Express Early February Support from Guillaume Croix and Christiane Taubila. February 14th (Monday) Valentine’s Day, PRG announces the end of the pastoral “Withdrawn” Of this campaign facing the failure of the rally on the left.

Two weeks later, the candidate throws a towel because he is too far from the fateful bar of the 500 signatures. “Honestly, I don’t know what she could do anymore.”Guarantee Samuel Gujibowski, who has supported her for a month. Accusations against leftist parties, violent attacks on sponsorship … “All (his) power in the last chance of the union”Christiane Taubila missed her left bet.