Why, despite the nasty polls, Hidalgo is holding up at any cost

Three weeks before the first round, a Socialist candidate is throwing her last power into the fight, despite a disastrous poll. To explain his determination, his relatives point to his political and personal journey. His situation as Mayor of Paris also had a major impact on balance.

“It’s not really my tea, but we can recognize his spiritual strength.” The quote, signed by a rebellious agent, still rarely hurt Anne Hidago and summarizes the sentiment given by the Socialist candidate in this campaign. BFMTV’s latest Elabe poll doesn’t exceed 2% of votes, ExpressThe Mayor of Paris is clinging.

“Lady Titanium”

On this crucifixion road, which already has Arnaud Montebourg and Christiane Taubila on the left floor, Deputy Campaign Director Patrick Cannell found him a nickname. “I call her Madame Titanium,” he explains intimately to BFMTV.com, pointing out her career.

“We gave her nothing. She always fought personally and politically. It changes everything in the construction of elections,” the boss of the Senate socialist group asserts.

Anne Hidalgo, the daughter of an electrician’s father and seamstress’s mother, who arrived in France from Spain in Franco at the age of four, rarely mentions her career at her meetings. Two days after the Ukrainian conflict began, the candidate also elicited similarities to the history of her family during a meeting that was completely devoted to the situation.

“War is a powerful ally and peace is a plunder for those who have nothing. I am a child of this story. My grandparents, republicans exiled from the Spanish Civil War, will find peace in France. “Liberation”, she launched in front of a packed house at the beginning of a few months’ campaign.

Difficult year in Paris

When Anne Hidalgo smiled when she left the stage, she got into the habit of bending her back.

His first election as Mayor of Paris in 2014 ended without problems, despite being defeated in his own constituency. The last year of his first semester was very complicated. His first deputy Bruno Juilliard resigned, confrontation with then-Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron, opening of a store on Sunday, closing of the highly controversial riverbank lane … elected in 2020 it was done. Enough to believe in his lucky star.

“Many people saw her swept away by her enemy, Rachida Dati, and she held up. This victory gave her a lot of power in the presidential election,” she said. BFMTV.com DieynabaDiop, one of the spokespersons for, guarantees.

Perhaps, however, the Socialist Party has admitted that the Mayor of Paris has almost given up. “At some point a question arose and in January she decided to go all the way, regardless of polls,” explains Remi Fellow, her former campaign manager at the 2020 Paris local elections. To do.

Conserved by Taubira, the Netherlands, City Hall

Reportedly, at the time of the choice, the political background on the left weighed heavily between the skating candidate Christiane Taubila and former President Francois Hollande, who was considering running at the time. .. world..

“Anne Hidalgo knew that this problem would be resolved soon because she didn’t believe Christiane Taubila would be her sponsor, and Francois Hollande, who thought about going there, said. I hesitated for so long that I couldn’t really trust it. She told her she had a field because she had two less thorns on her leg, “we told the countryside tenor. I confess to.

Balance became very important as the Paris City Hall also completed its mission at Place de l’Hôtel de Ville in 2026.

“The majority of her are environmentalists who are thinking of regaining Paris someday, so her return will already be complicated … and if she withdraws from the campaign, you You’d better resign everything right away, “a timid, cruel, socialist adviser to Paris.

Elected officials drag

Another symbolic debate to continue the fight: the local establishment of territorially elected socialists. Despite its weaknesses at the national level, the Rose Party still has five regions and has successfully held up in local elections by maintaining bases such as Lille, Nantes, Rouen, Clermont-Ferrand and Rennes. ..

“No one would have understood that we, the first unit of civil servants elected in France, did not have a presidential candidate. It would inevitably be heavy. It is a duty and we are ourselves. “I’ll push it beyond,” Patrick Cannell ignites.

To have. The 5% criterion for initiating state repayment of campaign costs seems difficult for candidates to reach, but headquarters asked a local federation to tweak their pockets.

Cirque d’Hiver as a talisman

For the Socialist Party in the presidential election, if the procedure is classic, this time it has a new taste. And if Anne Hidalgo does not exceed this score, the loan will … turn into a donation, according to the contract sent to the federation. point..

Enough to complain about the local baron, with a head of savings of 21 million euros, it was distributed to all federations. “At PS, they admire the solidity of the candidates to withstand the storm. If that makes us all straw, thank you very much,” lost parliamentarians and bitter.

Anne Hidalgo will hold her final meeting on April 3rd at Cirque d’Hiver in Paris. It was already there that she completed the City Hall victory campaign in 2014. As if to avoid bad luck.