Why Doumbe’s Existence Is Currently So Uncertain

Although it was announced that he will take on Darien Weeks at UFC Paris on September 3, Cedric Doumbe cannot face the American due to the standards of the French MMA Federation’s Sports Code. The huge MMA organization will soon have to find another opponent if the UFC wants the former GLORY champion on the first French card.

Between his punchlines and his showman side, he represented show promise in a cage in Paris. Cedric Doumbe Will he appear on the UFC Paris card on September 3? A few days ago, social networks relayed a roundup of reactions from Sherdog site’s Tudor Leonte. The MMA-turned-former GLORY champion (kickboxing) is set to take part in his Darian Weeks program in his first UFC vs. America in France. Since then, however, MMA’s largest organization in the world has not confirmed the poster.

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I understand why. It is impossible. The information was provided by former UFC star Mickaël Lebout on his podcast Micka & AB Show this Monday, where he shared it with another French MMA fighter, Aboubacar Bathil: Actually read and guess the rules. was enough. The sports code, written by the officers of FMMAF, the French federation in the field, which still has the support of boxing at the moment, actually ranks fighters into categories according to their experience.

Doumbé and Weeks are both ranked Elite 2, having played less than 10 professional matches each. Doumbé only counts his two games with the pros (2-0), while Weeks is in his seven (5-2), a gap of five off acceptable. Therefore, the “matchup” proposed by the UFC is between FMMAF and its Technical Office of Officials (BTO), a council of eight of his twenty-six FMMAF officers who, among other things, make decisions about changes. will not fit your nails. To contribute to the Code or the management of appeals and disputes. This is not the first time in our country.

FMMAF explains that it “understands frustration well”

“The BTO actually tried to find a solution, but when it comes to Sportscode this doesn’t seem to be possible. We’re on the side of FMMAF to confirm. The BTO didn’t verify it, so many organizations have leaked it on their network.” Since 2020 and the legalization of the discipline, matches must comply with the codes in force in order for them to be accepted on the card.

FMMAF describes itself as “well aware of the frustration”, but to break out of the framework that has allowed MMA to establish a solid footing in France without being officially recognized for years. Exceptions cannot be made. It also states that “the Sports Code is subject to change several times from season to season, subject to validation by officers elected according to an established federal process common to all sports federations.” and is already working on a text that will allow athletes like Doumbe. Another big achievement in the field of martial arts – to get away from the obligation of his less than four fights between his two opponents in Elite 2.

But that won’t be validated until the end of the year, too late to see Doumbé-Weeks at UFC Paris. So any chance of seeing Cedric at work on September 3rd? It is enough for the UFC to provide him with an opponent who meets the standards imposed by his FMMAF sports code. A fighter with little experience is not easy to find in a rare workforce, but not impossible to find outside for express signatures so as not to miss Doumbé, the first showman in France .

fighter camp, Went to get ready in a certain Conor McGregor’s SBG room in Dublin, confidently explains that he is “working on another opponent” if not for the week. But the time for resolution is running out. Not presenting Doumbe on the card is a blow for UFC Paris after Manon Fiolot’s withdrawal, despite the French MMA community screaming with a dead body on social networks in the absence of Abdul Abdulagimov right.