Why Kyiv’s request to accelerate EU accession is unlikely to succeed

There is a need for integration into the European Union. “Without delay”. President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Tuesday, March 1, in front of the European Parliament,While Ukraine faced an attack from Russia, it accelerated its accession to the EU.

This rapid bond “Impossible” So far it is recognized Monday, February 28 About franceinfo Pascal Canfin, a MEP member of the Renaissance Group. “”In the short term, it’s just a message, a medium-term political outlook. “He decided. Franceinfo explains why.

PTo participate in 27, you must respect the conditions set out in Article 49 of the Treaties of the European Union. The application for membership is submitted to the Council of the European Union, after which the European Commission provides official opinion. Parliament then, like the Council of the European Union, must decide whether to approve this request. Ukraine also has to show its credibility by many standards such as market economy, environmental rules … it needs to completely review thousands of regulations. “”There is a disability course for the entire system, after which membership criteria are checked. It’s been a long time, Turkey has been a candidate for years (2005) and the situation is still not going well. “ He emphasizes Patrick Martin-Genier, a teacher at Sciences Po and an expert on European and international affairs.

“If the criteria are met, it will take a year or two at the earliest.”

Patrick Martin-Genier, European Specialist

on franceinfo

Since 2017, the Union Agreement, including the Free Trade Agreement, remains valid between Ukraine and the EU.The latter works As a prerequisite for membership, I therefore agree with his candidacy.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on the European Union to quickly consolidate its country on Monday.Through a new special procedure “.. “I’m sure it’s right. I’m sure it’s possible.” He insisted. However, in the legislative text, cThere is no special membership process. But in these exceptional circumstances, can the Union make Ukraine an exception? “”It does not exceed the basic standards. It can be accelerated, especially by sticking to opinions, but it’s not a petanque club, it’s a very complex institution. “ Believe in Mario Terror, Professor of Political Science, International Relations and European Union Studies at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).

Politicians also have this opinion.. “We will support Ukraine’s enlargement to the European Union candidate in the European Parliament today. Not to be confused with the fact that it requires immediate accession. This is not possible.” I tweeted MEP Pascal Canfin of the Renaissance group (liberal school).

However, European executive president Ursula von der Leyen declared in an interview with Euronews. : “We have many subjects that we are working closely with [avec les Ukrainiens] And over time, they are ours and we want them to be inside. “ Of the EU. SThese comments were revealed by his spokesman at a press conference on Monday.Ursula von der Reyen “Expressed her view as chairman of the committee.”corn “There is a process” When “She is not the only one to decide”Said Eric Mamel.

The statement of the President of the European Commission is part of a particularly symbolic approach, without any concrete implications or analysis. Mario terrorism. “She The fact that he makes a pledge, shows solidarity in Europe, and takes on the profile of a leader. “

Membership in the European Union requires the unanimous agreement of 27 member states.Different opinions and sensibilities “ In it, Charles Michel, President of the European Council, argued on this issue on Monday. Therefore, the economic situation in the country could cool some members of the coalition. “In Ukraine, there is a per capita income, which is a quarter of the poorest income in the European Union: Romania. This is an objectively complex factor.” Mario Terrorism insists.

The progress of the war in Ukraine is another factor in uncertainty. “”In the worst case scenario, Ukraine could accept a subordinate position. In that case, membership becomes much more complicated. You cannot bring a crippled country into the European Union. “, The researcher explains. “Countries at war are no longer in a position to join the European Union.”, Patrick Martin Genie is a lot. It is also unclear whether Ukraine’s European ambitions could further exacerbate the conflict with Russia.