Why this goal seems insurmountable

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40, 60, or even 80? It is impossible to say in advance how many medals French athletes will collect at the Paris Olympics. But two years after one of the hottest events on the planet, the results of French athletes appear to be far from set goals, making it difficult to be optimistic. The World Athletics Championships in Eugene, USA, completed this Sunday, was not an opportunity for the French to shine. Only Kevin Mayer brought back the charm by turning the tide after the fiercely contested heptathlon. Even if it’s golden, it’s a small comfort award for French athletes looking to the 2024 tournament.

In an interview in a Peruvian newspaper in 2017, former sports minister Laura Fressel still set very high goals. My ambition is to double the number of medalss “. The record at the time was the Rio 2016 Olympics and its 42 medals, and the former fencing champion wanted the French to win more than 80 in Paris. “” Do you have more than 40 medals?Curiously, five years after this declaration, Jean-Baptiste Gegan, author of sports geopolitics, is another explanation of the world. I have a question. And over 60? “” It seems impossible »Slice consultants and teachers.

The march seems to be even bigger as the Tokyo Olympics haven’t reversed momentum since Laura Fressel’s declaration. Tricolor is far from the dynamic that leads to the harvest of medals. France has 33 attractions, dropping 1st from the Rio Olympics to 8th in the medal ranking. It is not an encouraging result. Emmanuel Macron told athletes when welcoming Olympic and Paralympic medalists in Tokyo. Do more For medals in 2024.Goals set by the President with a view to the Paris Olympics: Integrate Top 5 “.

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British Olympic team as a model

In 2012, Britain managed to outperform at home during the London Olympics. An example that France wants to follow. To do the same, the country of Pierre de Coubertin copied from its neighbors. After Atlanta’s blunder, the British government was based on UK Sport as a model for high-level sports. This is the agency that decides to allocate the budget if you belong to the Ministry of Sports.

“” France has chosen to overturn that operation, Mathilde Julla-Marcy, an instructor specializing in high-level sports sociology, explains. High standards have traditionally relied heavily on public institutions.The National Sports Agency was established in 2018 and adopted a different model than before. Government agencies are allocated budgets to achieve short-term goals and are evaluated based on these results, but public services have a means obligation, but no outcome obligations. »»


Training for top athletes takes 8 years


This model allowed the British to reach the podium of the best country. This is a historic achievement. Problem: Delayed launch of ANS can make it difficult to change the situation in France. “” Even now, three years after its establishment, the agency is still 100% non-functional and is calling for bids.I regret Jean-Baptiste Guégan. LStudies show that it takes eight years to train top athletes for a successful performance cycle. Therefore, it would have been necessary to start performance planning before Macron’s first five-year term.But this was not done.. »»

Reason for hope

Even if today’s 80-medal standard seems too high for the French delegation, it is possible to expect good results. “” The situation changed a bit with the arrival of Amélie Oudéa-Castéra as Minister of Sports.I want to believe in Jean-Baptiste Guégan. Miracles don’t happen, but by including all the players who weren’t doing much before, they’re implementing a true sporting policy. Will it succeed? It won’t launch a generation of winners two years after the Olympics, but it will maximize your chances of winning in a particular area. »»


If Kylian Mbappe participates in the Olympics, it is to win a gold medal


Team sports are the only area where France excels. At the Tokyo Olympics, he won six Olympic medals, including three gold medals. never seen. Last week, female and male soccer players from the Euro semi-finals hosted the last World Cup (at the Olympics, with the exception of three jokers, the players selected are usually under the age of 23). Volleyball player I won the Nations League this weekend. “” You can have a great men’s basketball team. There are two of the best handball teams in the world. When Kylian Mbappe participates in the Olympics, he will win a gold medal. “Despite all, Jean Baptiste Gegan is enthusiastic.

Evolving from home also has several advantages. If the idea motivates the oldest champion to grow his career, he can encourage the youngest to bet on medal chances from 2024 instead of waiting until 2028. In any case, this is what Matilde wants to believe. In the absence of a title, French athletes performed well in Tokyo, and I remember that the finals and fourth place were all grounds for hope. Is it enough to expect confirmed athletes like Teddy Riner and young geniuses like Sasha Joya to regain their biggest medals?