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Climbing, kayaking, freestyle, enduro mountain biking, paragliding, BASE jumping, wingsuit … The Natural Game Festival, which has been held in Miyo since 2008, is a mix of competition and extreme outdoor sports shows. With a rhythm as lively as a concert offered between a spectacular course and a canyon.

From June 23rd to 26th, the Natural Games Festival will be a meeting place for music and outdoor sports lovers.

From June 23rd to 26th, the Natural Games Festival will be a meeting place for music and outdoor sports lovers.

An ode to nature, a large open space, and the sports that take place there. Since 2008, the Natural Games Festival has been planning courses at Aveyron. With the relief of Milhaud’s large course.A clever combination of steep cliffs, canyons, plateaus and rocky chaos. Outdoor sports and music, By combining demonstrations, high-flying competitions and concerts.

Climbing will be a festival program

Freestyle Paraglider, Climbing, Extreme Kayak, Freestyle Mountain Bike, Enduro Mountain Bike, Stand Up Paddle, Jumpline, Highline [1]Base jumping, wingsuit [2]There is no lack of disciplineAnd this is due to the geological features of Miravois that can do everything. Extraordinary playground On top of that, as a great mountaineer, Michael Pradyroll patiently overcame obstacles and launched and perpetuated the festival he created.

Extreme tightrope walking

As an entertainment bystander, extreme tightrope walking offers the show

The 15th edition of the Natural Game will be held from June 23rd to 26th. As always, as a bystander at competitions and concerts Workshop where you can discover the presented fields.. The village welcomes exhibitors, Free entertainment It is generally available. This year, hundreds of meters of high lines extend around the Brunas Paraglider takeoff area. Extreme tightrope walking.. With the Millau Bridge in the background, a dazzling view is guaranteed.

Many artists also ignite the game of natureSince its creation This festival certainly welcomes great champions, Maeva Giacometti and Charlie Piccolo. It is said to welcome more than 5,000 riders. The music program is also eclecticFrom reggae to electro, rock to hip hop. Biga Ranx, MC Solaar, Chinese Man and AYO are participating. There are also free concerts and DJ sets.

Preserved nature

Nature conservation is central to the practice of outdoor sports festivals

The ceremony is fascinating. Supported by the Occitanie region, This festival allows people to share their passion and the special environment in which they are presented... But this framework is more than just a playground. Michael Pradayrol measures its vulnerability. “” It is essential to take care of it “, Says this Luthenova, who put his suitcase on Miravois. The festival’s carbon footprint is held annually By an independent company. In addition, his team conducted a self-diagnosis of disposable plastics, A green zone has been created.. This place of exchange, action and discovery is dedicated to pedagogy, Recognition of eco-gesture, Film projection, holding conferences and workshops on sports, culture and ecology, which are important themes for the organizers. The Green Zone welcomes young people from nearby schools, non-governmental organizations, Sea Shepherd and Fresk du Klimart.How to never forget it Practicing sports in nature is never far from the actions to maintain it..


credit: Laurent Merle

Environmental conservation is considered as a whole to protect soil, trees, reduce energy consumption, save water, pool and transport resources, turn waste into new wealth, repair and transform. increase. Short, changing habits.

Michael Pradairoll, creator of the Natural Game Festival

[1] Highline is a sports field that consists of moving with stretched elastic straps equipped with safety devices.

[2] Wingsuits are jumps that jump in a wing-like suit.