Will it seduce Los Angeles in 2028 after Paris in 2024?

The break, an explosive novelty at the 2024 Paris Games, is only guaranteed at the Olympic shows. In order to continue the adventure, this sport, which originated in hip-hop culture, must be persuaded to redesignate Los Angeles, the host city of the 2028 Olympics, as an additional sport.

Announced in Buenos Aires at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, it defeated IOC President Thomas Bach. But not only that, according to Pierre Frater-Bardy, who is in charge of the new sport at the IOC.

“All the athletes of the IOC and the Olympic movement were fascinated by the sport, its energy and its athletes. He explains to AFP. This was a completely successful entry from + Break + in Buenos Aires. Between the Paris Games and then the International Federation and the Los Angeles 2028 Organizing Committee, see if you are interested in continuing your adventure and including sports (Olympic Program Editor’s Note). “

The subject should be decided in the first quarter of 2023. And Nenad Jefftic, vice president of the International Dance Federation (WDSF) on which Blake depends, says he is “very optimistic.”

“Break is a very unique and unusual sport for the Olympics that combines music and movement. People really like it. It’s not as fixed as any other sport. It’s flexible and infrastructure. There are few and not too many athletes in competition. All this suggests that the break will also take place in Los Angeles. “

-From Bronx to Los Angeles-

From July 7th to 17th, World Games will be held in Birmingham (USA) and will be coordinated specifically in the Olympic format. “Representatives of the Game Rating and Administration Committee in Los Angeles can attend and meet with them to see what the break really looks like,” said Sport, which has its roots in the United States. Recall Jefftic said.

Its hip hop was born at the end of the disco in the 1970s because it was in the underprivileged district of Bronx, New York. The break began in the 1980s to arouse media interest and conquer Asia and Europe, especially France, where sports continue to exist. In 1984, the breaker caused a sensation at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

BgirlSnap1 of the United States said, “I think Los Angeles will continue to break. It all started in the United States,” during the two battles on the first leg of the “Breaking for Gold World Series” world circuit in Montpellier. That’s it. ” “California loves action sports, Los Angeles is New York on the west coast and has a long history of street culture, so I hope they make decisions based on it. So if that happens, it’s It means it will break forever Olympic sports. “

-Favorite Place-

According to Bgirl Snap1, many Americans, unlike the United States, traveled to attend the International Festival of Extreme and Urban Sports (Fise), a benchmark event based in France. This shows the country’s support for this sport.

“There are still breaks, but they will thrive better elsewhere in the world. Maybe in the game the US government will find it as great as any other sport worth investing in,” Alaska said. Defends a 30-year-old breaker from. ..

Brotherhood Miguel Angel Rosario, known as Bboy Gravity, laments the underestimation of his country’s invasion.

“The United States is the main breeding ground for Break. If we win the tournament, it means we are dominant and the break must take place at the Los Angeles tournament. That is the beginning of everything. Why didn’t you get it? “Ask Bboy Gravity.