Women’s D2: HBCAM 63 pleases and offers the last Nozir Grand (30-25) in Maisondes Sport

no doubt. Volcaniques deserve success against Noisy-le-Grand (30-25) this Saturday night. “They knew how to lead the match well and were able to put in the right material and show control and solidarity. That’s what I asked them to do,” said HBCAM coach Florence Sauval. Slipped.

However, it took some time for the victory to appear. Volcaniques quickly took control (3-0, 5th), but soon lost the winger Genyah and hit his knee. Then Gerbelot was injured with one hand.

premium Women’s D2: HBCAM 63 depends on its quality and fighting power against Noisy-le-Grand

Clermont-Ferrand maintained a three-goal lead, but each time he saw Lube return to height (8-8, 15th), led by top scorer Diagouraga (10 goals). The girls in Florence Soval finally returned to the locker room with a short head (15-14, 30th).

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Beautiful fellowship with citizens

The beginning of the second period was like copy-pasting the first period. Commitment and strength have always been felt on both sides. And, despite the apparent rule of Clermont, Francilienne stayed in touch, especially thanks to the beautiful individuals.

After eliminating Mosabau (42nd), the meeting may have turned to Obergnate’s advantage, but had to wait the last 10 minutes to see the game actually settle.

Djabour and Touré breathe new life into HBCAM (27-21, 54th) and quietly end the match (30-25, 30-25,) despite a slight jump from Les Louves (27-24, 56th). 60th place) was managed. The volcano was able to explode their joy and communicate with their audience. The audience who played the eighth role brilliantly without stopping to speak out.

premium D2F will participate in the Women’s League and become a professional. HBCAM63 welcomes this and can accelerate its structuring.

“Clubs, leaders … everyone did a great job, so this last match at Maisondes Sports

In a magically beautiful atmosphere. The public was able to carry us and give us the energy to win this match, “said the HBCAM coach. A natural success that will make you feel better at the end of the season.

* HBCAM will pick up Urnois at the Raymon Boisset Gymnasium in Kurnon at 8:30 pm on May 21st.

Cyril Alvaret

Seat Clermont Ferran

(Sports house). HBCAM 63 defeated Noisy-le-Grand 30-25 (half time: 15-14). Referee: Messrs. Combs and Espinus. Approximately 1,500 spectators.HBCAM63.

Ferreira (15 stops); Djabour (5), Morgado (7), Genyah (1), Bourra (2), Sousa (6), The Guardian (1), Soubies (2), Touré (6).Noisy-le-Grand.

Verschuuren (4 stops), Tounkara (5 stops); Chappe (2), Kasimi (2), Diagouraga (10), Mbalax (2), Chardon (3), Copy (1), Mosabau (2), Canute (3) ).Exclusion.

Noisy-le-Grand: Mosabau (43rd).