World Athletics Championships: “He went looking for something deep and incredible in him,” Tibaud Kore, a valuable heir.

Tibaud Kore, who runs from Friday to Saturday night, never forgot the carpet his grandfather Jack put in the yard to teach him how to jump. “He guided my dad. He enjoyed introducing my brother and me to us. He helped us and threw us on the mat. At the stadium, he trained a group of pole vaulters, some of whom jumped more than 5 meters, and I realized it was unbelievable at the time, Tibaud Kore. Was three years old, where he is competing in the World Championship 20 years later.

Despite his family’s legacy, his father, Philip, won a medal, especially at the European Championships, and finished fifth at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Her mother, Nadine, played a mixed event — athletics was by no means an obsession. “Paul has become serious as a cadet,” says someone who has been playing soccer for a long time. “With Philip, we always said that it might be difficult for his sons to stand behind his dad, so it had to come from them,” Nadine Colette said. I will explain. It was Grandpa Jack who worked hardest to convert them. They ended up biting things. »»

Dad, Philip Colle’s experience …

One day the sons asked their father to train them. “It was tricky for Philip. He left a great mark on athletics and didn’t want to impose himself on them when they just wanted it. Working with his father,” Nadine continued. increase. Due to the lack of facilities in Grenoble, the Clermont-Ferrand Center was quickly revealed. “Philippe d’Encaus is my dad’s best friend. It couldn’t have been anyone but him, especially because he and I share a passion for motorsport that allows us to escape the pole vault.” Says.

Dad Philip Kore also brings his experience. “We are both lucky to benefit from their advice. We lived in the Duplantis era and they lived in the Bubka era,” adds Tibaud. In Clermon, the brothers share the same apartment. “Matthew is much more talented than I am, so he takes care of the food. I’ll do a little more cleaning. Dad Philip comes along often.” He’s a dad and a coach, so sometimes he’s confused and argued. But it’s not that long, “laughs Tibaud. “I’ll remove a little testosterone from their story, I’ll be temporary to the fact that Paul lasts 10 or 15 years, but the family is for a lifetime,” the mother explains, Matthew and Tibaud. I have always confirmed that I am an accomplice and that being together at the stadium is my strength.

Matthew is not in Eugene because he failed to reach the minimum. “It’s complicated for him, Tibaud admits. People aren’t very good people, and some say it’s over when the time comes, because the little ones overtook the big ones.” It twists the belly. In France, when you’re 25 or older (Matthew is 28), you’re no longer considered hopeful. For everyone, the future is Tibaud. As a mom, I’m just that. I’m inside. I pull Matthew up, even though I don’t want to ruin Tibaud’s joy. »»

My parents never imagined they were absent from Eugene

Nadine and Philip are on the stand. “I followed Philip’s entire career, traveled with his stepfather and talked about Paul. Now we share the boy’s story and Nadine laughs. But arguably the most difficult is the jumper. Manage Your Stress on the Edge! He’s always done things with his guts. Parents never imagined he would be absent from his brother’s first major championship. Have experienced great things since childhood. They were laughing for hours, so we had to get angry to put them to sleep. They always live in conspiracy and laughter. I’ve been. It’s a very strong brother. »»

Nadine is thinking of her stepfather. “For Grandpa Jack, who has trained many good men at the age of 82, what’s happening is the pride of his life. At Christmas, we say we’ll take him to a meeting in Reno (USA). When he cried at the table. These moments I try to save them. And when the performance isn’t there, I see the boy in sight. This winter I lost my brother. It was heartbreaking for all of us, and Tibaud went looking for incredible things to play deep inside him. I don’t say that often, but I’m very impressed. »» »