XXL crisis for the debut of the new sports minister

Barely arriving, the new sports minister and Olympic Amelie Udea Castella will be baptized by Olympic-level fire after the blunder of the Champions League final at the Stade de France on Saturday.

This former junior tennis champion, former Emmanuel Macron’s Ena classmate, probably wasn’t thinking about stepping on the Senate carpet right away. On Wednesday (5 pm), she left herself to a game of questions from a senator who asked to know more about what happened with Interior Minister Gerald Dalmanin, a bystander of the Liverpool-Real clash. increase.

The legislative election period began quite a bit for a smooth inauguration, but European football was invited to the table.

Her team isn’t fully formed yet, but she finds herself at the forefront. Her name in the international press left her stud after being accused by the British of her attacking Liverpool supporters together via a tweet on Saturday night.

It peaked on Tuesday and asked him to “apologize” from Liverpool Club President Tom Werner, “Your comments are irresponsible, unprofessional, and completely rude.”

She replied that Liverpool was a “huge club” and apologized to those who couldn’t attend the match in good condition.

– “Under pressure” –

“Rough”, “Serve!”, “In the case of baptism, it’s baptism”: Observers in the sports department only find the entry in question brutal and continue to admire their abilities, knowledge of the file. .. “Anyway, in these cases you are on the same line as the interior,” observes a former elected official.

This is what she did during the meeting, and a press conference with Gerald Dalmanin was held at the Ministry of Sports on Monday to gracefully respond to British journalists.

So, four days after this chaotic night, she wrote herself on Wednesday morning in her Twitter account, “Don’t break under pressure.” walk. March for the Council of Ministers this morning, “a message with a photo of her and her guards crossing the bridge in Paris.

The proponent of the generalization of 30 minutes of physical activity a day at school, one of the means of Macron’s sports program she has done and has already experienced, wants to set an example and exercise bikes. I have already published a photo of her doing. Abdominal exercises.

– “Ecosystem Animator” –

Everything started well.

On May 20, in front of her family, her husband Frederick, the general manager of Societe Generale, and her three children, she took over from Roxana Malacineanu in a family and fairly warm atmosphere. The hall of the Ministry of Sports.

In theory, she would have more free hands, as she is no longer under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education. And, especially for two years after the Olympics and Paralympics in Paris, she is in charge of this huge file.

After kissing her already known Olympic boss Tony Estanguet on Tuesday afternoon, she toured some of the services of the Organizing Committee (Cojo) with Philip Mae, White House Chief of Staff. Did. It includes up to the 7th roof terrace of the building in Saint-Denis and offers breathtaking views of all the cranes that show the horizon of the sector around the Stade de France, especially from an Olympic point of view.

Then leave the journalist for seriousness and a working meeting with General Manager and Chief Financial Officer Tony Estange to scan for security, budgets, sponsors, competition venues and much more. After the Stade de France storm, she will be able to concentrate on becoming the “animator of this entire ecosystem” that she defines herself.