Yannick Jadot, Fabien Roussel and Anne Hidalgo propose to free public hospitals from accounting requirements

Fighting the Medical Desert, Hospital Reform, Preventive Efforts … Elysee’s Four Candidates – Valerie Pécrès, Anne Hidalgo, Janic Jadot, Fabien Roussel – on Tuesday 1st, Social Measures for Health and Protection I had the opportunity to elaborate on.er In March, during a spectacular oral event hosted by Mutualité française in Paris. All three left-wing candidates demanded that public hospitals be exempt from profitability ambitions.

Yannick Jadot: First, “Don’t get sick”

Yannick Jadot, the former Palais Brongniart for the

Putting an end to hospital design among the priorities of ecologist candidates “Adjustment variables for our health system”.. “For several years, public hospitals were seen as a profitable business. Service fees, bed reductions, budget cuts, ondams. [Objectif national de dépenses d’assurance-maladie] It was decreasing year by year … “, Says Jadot.He counts “Getting out of this logic deeply” By causing “Burst of charm”Recruitment of 100,000 nurses and improvement of working conditions and salaries.

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regarding “Environmental hygiene”Above all, the problem is to do more for chronic diseases related to contamination.Candidates “Get out of denial”Citing a 40% increase in the number of long-term illnesses in 10 years.

“Today’s health policy is first and foremost a care policy. Our logic is, first and foremost, not to get sick»The candidate lamented that prevention accounts for only 1.8% of the medical budget.Yannick Jadot also wants to fight “Regression that cannot be denied considering the painstaking work” Working during Macron’s five-year term: “The life expectancy of retired executives is 10 years longer than that of blue-collar workers. It’s irresistible.”He blamed.

Anne Hidalgo: Health discussions in parliament every semester

The socialist candidate spoke for five minutes on Tuesday morning to present a vision of health in France, after which he answered questions from the general public gathered at Mutualité française.Anne Hidalgo has a French medical system “Signs of very strong difficulty” Covid-19 Even before the crisis. “The caregiver was already telling us. We can’t ask hospitals for the profitability they need for private companies.”According to her, add it “Public services are not reserved services for people who cannot afford the private sector.”..

Socialists, like Yannick Jadot, are proposing to public hospitals to stop funding from Ondam (National Health Insurance spending target) and service charges. She also wants to increase the number of caregivers. Concerned about health democracy, Mr. Hidalgo intends to hold a health debate in Congress twice a year.

For the medical desert, she proposes to achieve training of 15,000 doctors, more nurses and midwives annually in the long run.But to deal with emergencies, it’s a problem“Use the fourth year of the internship as a year of specialization”In the meantime, the intern is sent to the medical desert. They will be paid € 3,500 per month for this. Since 2022, this “Move about 4,000 young internships to the medical desert”According to her.

Anne Hidalgo on the former Palais Brongniart in Paris on March 1, 2022, during the

Fabien Roussel: “We contribute capital”

Elysee’s Communist Party candidate Fabien Roussel “Social protection in our country is declining, social inequality in health is widening, and the medical desert is advancing.”..Like the other two leftist candidates that exist, he “Accounting view” Health to deploy nursing staff “With terrible pain”..He lamented “Health is becoming more and more commoditized, with enormous benefits to nursing homes and even very lucrative private clinics.”..

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Against “Multiplication of exemptions from employer contributions”He guaranteed it “We contribute capital at the same level as labor.”..He also regretted it“In 25 years, mutual taxation has increased 15 times.”And these are “Competition with private insurance”.. As a result, according to him: “Access to care is questioned. »»

Therefore, the Communists intend “Rebuilding XXI’s Excellent Social SecurityWhen Century “With “True 100% Refund for All Treatments”Including long-term condition, and “Not just hospitalization costs”.. He also “Great public service for the elderly”..

On March 1, 2022, Fabien Roussel of the former Palais Brongniart is in the middle of a

Valerie Pécrès intends to “bureaucratize” the hospital

Republican candidates first observed the health care system “With terrible pain”According to her, there are 5 million French people who do not have a doctor.Candidate lamented “Reduced access to care” And deadline “Too long”And the medical desert “Rural, popular districts, city centers of certain big cities”.

As a solution, the right-wing candidate suggested decentralizing the management of health care delivery. This includes giving the community the chair of a local health agency. We also want to create a “junior doctor” status for general practitioners. It dispatches 4,000 young doctors each year, “Insufficient area”.. Nurses, midwives and pharmacists are given more responsibility.My goal is “Divid by 2” The time required to access care within 30 minutes from home.

As for hospitals, she recruits 25,000 caregivers and wants to train twice as many doctors as she does today in five years.That would be another problem “Debureau cratize” Hospital, it’s more “Open and transparent”.. She wants some of the pricing to depend on the patient’s opinion about the quality of care she receives. A “Preventive Revolution” We also need to ensure that all French people are healthy and enjoy a life expectancy of another three years within 10 years.

Valérie Pécrès was held on March 1, 2022 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris during the