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Place your priorities in the right places. It makes no sense to maintain the resolution from January 1st, and there is little chance of success. please think about it!

The day after a series of parties, overeating, cold, and snow, after everything is interrupted by physical and mental fatigue, this is not the time to embark on a tough change. It won’t work.

When is a good time? It’s now.

A simple walk

Finally, the heat, the good weather, and the very lush and beautiful nature provide ourselves in the background to play sports, relax muscles, and even tackle small bulges.

A simple daily walk will change your life. Most municipalities divide their budget into four to develop parks and trails. It’s up to you to run, “throw” the ball, pass with a soccer ball, and frisbee for free. Come on out. It seems to me that it was enough to be forcibly contained and placed in the corridor.

At your fingertips

Go buy your own bike. You don’t have to choose an electric gadget with 2000 piercings. Good bike … use as needed.

Discover a neighborhood you’ve never seen before. Not the Tour de France. Just a gentle walk spying on your neighbor.

Otherwise, just rent a Bixi on Saturday afternoon to discover Montreal and its myriad trails and corners. You will get used to it.

It’s a beautiful sport on TV, but it’s great to have fun and feel good about it. After sweating, reconnect to this special pleasure of taking a good shower. That way, cold beer will be better than ever.

The universe is yours, dive into it. Would you like to spend 5 hours at the golf course? Please spend an hour or two in the practice area.

bold? Try kayaking. We rent kayaks on some beaches of the river.

Go fishing. For example, near Saint Lambert, there are many people throwing lines from the coast, catching yellow perch and even walleye.

There are many places to enjoy a nice picnic with family and friends. We all have a camera on our cell phone, so take advantage of the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of your loved ones, and even your dog.

Get the information. There are many tennis courts near your home, very few.


Do you like sports? success. Go to your measurements, depending on your abilities, but give a gift to your body. All you’re missing is a little self-kick on your butt to get started. I know you are tempted. You will not regret it.

The patio and terrace are all fine, but you need to earn them.

And yes, walking is a sport.

From the exclave

Shane Light

Photo QMI Agency, Dominique Chan

Shane Light

  • Shane Light He is a good hockey player, but he also knows that he has an unusual personality. Kingston Fronte Nax made him the youngest captain in OHL history. An amazing and illustrious leader between both ears!
  • 1995, Nordic Sold for $ 75 million. They are worth $ 630 million today and could be heading for the third Stanley Cup.
  • happy birthday. Today, 96 years ago, the NHL awarded New York City a second franchise for $ 50 million.They are called Ranger.. In almost a century, they won the cup only four times. Not strong, blue shirt.
  • When he came to a junior in Canada at the age of 15. Sage Sabar It was a right winger. With such a frame, we quickly turned him into a defender.
  • This year Canadian Grand Prix It will be held on June 19th (Sun). If you are looking for a gift, it’s Father’s Day.
  • Reader Denis Courcelles is Mayor of Valérie Plante, Guy Street of Montreal Guy-Guy-Guy.. oh!
  • Association Sportive des sourds du Québec (ASSQ) welcomes you Canada Hearing Loss Game In the Montreal area next July. Hearing impaired or hearing impaired and athletes should check the site.
  • Times change. Golf club managers can turn on sprinklers from their smartphones while having dinner at a restaurant.
  • Dennis Labreck (Régie des sports decombat) Returned from Lake San François in a miraculous perch fishing.
  • Intense sports week for young people this summer. 3 hours of tennis a day at Complexe Sportif de Longueuil and 3 hours of multisports (skating, soccer, badminton, volleyball, etc.). You see, it’s special.