You should see a documentary dedicated to Kanye West on Netflix (even if Kanye doesn’t really want it)

The first thing you need to know Jeen-Yuhs: Kanye Trilogy, the Netflix’s new three-part documentary is that its core subject is rather that you don’t want to see it. In January, Kanye West revealed that even Instagram wasn’t happy with the movie being released in this format.Before this documentary is published on Netflix, you need to get and agree to the final cut … Immediately open the editing room so you can control your image.»»

At the time of this writing, Netflix hasn’t given consent, and it shouldn’t be. Jeen Yuhs Is an extraordinary film in many respects, a moving, motivational and deeply compassionate film.

Jeen Yuhs The film was directed by the filmmaking duo Coodie & Chike behind Through the Wire’s famous music video “Through the Wire” (2003), and has a 2012 documentary. Benji, About basketball genius Ben Wilson. Filmed primarily by Clarence “Coodie” Simmons (also a film narrator) for over 20 years Jeen Yuhs Beginning in the late 1990s when Kanye West was a young producer who worked for artists like Foxy Brown and Group Harlem World, it ends in 2020 with a wacky candidacy for the US President of West. ..

Years of indifference and rejection before fame

The intimacies emanating from the sequence are often amazing and reminiscent of the following “truth” musical films: Don’t look back where Gimme Shelter, Created when Rockstar did not yet have excessive control over the screen image.First two episodes of Jeen Yuhs Mainly done in the early 2000s, before West had the first big success on the album. College dropout 2004 (Part 2 ends at the 2005 Grammy Awards Ceremony. drop out He was nominated for the best album of the year and won the best lap album award).This sometimes gives the impression of seeing a little regain Instead of observing the slow dissolution of Peter Jackson’s upside-down, because of the most famous group of XXWhen In the century, we today see a long period prior to the success of those who are XXI’s most famous musicians.When century.

These parts of Jeen Yuhs Provides a flood of behind-the-scenes insights into the early 20th century hip-hop sceneWhen A century that should tickle the nostalgia of all generations of rap fans.They will see Kanye handing the song in the car at the offices of Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Kanye and Just Blaze. Roc-A-Fella, Kanye takes his mother to Def Poetry Jam (where he plays an a cappella version of “All Falls Down”), and Kanye plays an early version of “Through the Wire” to the admired Pharrell Williams … short You can see the scene Kanye West mixing College dropout Now speaks louder than you can see in the latest music documentaries, as well as the beautiful montage of photography on the iconic album cover.

He often records that Kanye West struggled to become the world’s largest music star. Jeen Yuhs It turns out to be the most compelling. To the average civilian in 2004, the rise in Kayne West seemed to have happened almost overnight.Surrounding topics College dropout Prior to its release, the album seemed destined for global success.However, in 2001, he got a lot of attention by producing several titles on JAY-Z’s album. Blueprint, As a rapper, Kanye West faced years of indifference and rejection. Even after he finally signed a solo deal with Roc-A-Fella, he had to fight his teeth and claws to get the label to take him seriously. (Some scenes from Jeen Yuhs Roc-A-Fella co-founder Damon Dash is particularly frustrated, and even frustrated, in front of Kanye West, who is ready to do something to get the label’s boss’s attention. Please show me the situation. )

Beloved child

College dropout I turned 18 on February 10th. In other words, there are music fans of all generations who have little memory of when Kanye West was born. He was not one of the most famous and famous human beings in the world. However, the surge of Kanye West to stardom was extremely rare for rappers at the time. Jeen Yuhs It also shows this very well. Some producers (especially Dr. Dre) have become successful rappers, but few of them, and the rap side of Dr. Dre has always been considered secondary.Kanye West was a real rapper – probably not the best rapper, but what he did wasn’t particularly shameful at the time (for example, recorded behind the scenes in Mos Def in 2002). I want an excellent version of the octopus “Towards” The concert you can see in the first episode Jeen Yuhs).

And, of course, there was a side Middle class Disarmament, GeekAbout the son of an English teacher, who wore a backpack on stage and often dressed as if he was trying to impress one of the conquering fathers. For hip-hop rap lovers of the 1990s, Kanye West’s success felt like the commercial success that more underground fringes had been waiting for. Movement.The truth is said in Jeen Yuhs, The music of Kanye West has been compared several times with the music of A Tribe Called Quest. (This documentary records how he was rejected by Rawkus Records, the best “alternative” rap label of the time. It’s a decisive moment at many levels in the history of rap.)

The most moving scene of Jeen Yuhs Seeing Kanye West and her mother Donda appear as an almost supernatural source of her mother’s love and encouragement. And, of course, Kanye himself plays the role of a beloved child who is constantly seeking approval and approval from his mother (and knowing what he will get). There is something deeply impressed about the mutual love and admiration that they can see when they see each other (counter psychoanalysts also have incredible guarantees, Kanye’s demonstrative ability-and He claims that it may have been his greatest strength, and his greatest weakness is probably the result of his mother-son relationship).

Some shocking scenes

Everything I’ve talked about so far will be done in the first two parts of the documentary, but arguably the most talked about will be the third episode. As Kanye West reaches unimaginable stardom levels, his relationship with Cody becomes farther and more tense. Then, in 2017, West brought back Cody, and while Kanye was touring, he worked on his clothing line, recorded in Wyoming’s studio, and above all, he hopes he has to deal with it. It gave him complete freedom to shoot anything. A series of long-term mental health crises.

I found it very difficult to see these scenes (to put it mildly). Some viewers will find them shocking, if not ridiculous (Imagine they are the cause of West’s dissatisfaction with the movie). You can often see Coodie turning off the camera during a seizure. We are clearly offended by what his camera is shooting. I repeatedly wondered if these sequences crossed the ethical red line. And I’m still not sure if I have the answer. Ultimately, the viewer will decide.

However, at least two compelling arguments can explain why these scenes were included in the documentary. The first talks about the history of Kanye West, Jeen Yuhs It’s not just Kanye West –Jeen Yuhs, It’s also the story of Coodie. As the film narrator freely admits, Cody’s entire career is defined, at least in part, by her relationship with Kanye West. And even if you witness the alienation of two men who became her father, lost their parents, and survived other rites of passage, the connection will inevitably continue. There is no doubt that the scene in question follows an essential chapter in the relationship between the two men, which is essential for both what it was and what it was. Integrating them into a movie is an honest act.

Ultimately, the greatest achievement of Jeen Yuhs For better or for worse, it’s about humanizing the characters who have often opposed this.

But in a sense, these images also give us an idea of ​​how the media and the general public have dealt with this chapter of Kanye West’s stardom.Excerpts from, in the middle of these scenes talk show Sprinkled with joke soliloquy, the TV host jokingly wondered if Kanye West had sunk. “In a sunken place” (Reference to the movie Get out, Black characters are hypnotized by whites and are unaware of the oppression they are experiencing) and treat obvious mental health issues as a way to talk about themselves, or worse, fortunately. The reversal of is not surprising (the majority of these people are white, emphasizing anxiety). In recent years, great efforts have been made to correct the way we talk about mental health issues, but it seems that only those who act compassionately qualify for our mercy.

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Ultimately, the greatest achievement of Jeen Yuhs For better or for worse, it’s about humanizing the characters who have often opposed this.No matter what you think about Kanye West, his traces of 21st century popWhen The century is indisputable, even if we only do it after the fact.Kanye West hasn’t released a major album since then Pablo’s life In 2016, but even if he never came out, the fact remains that for 12 years he was probably the most admired and influential musician in the world. He marked his time. I don’t think I can witness the same thing again in my life. Jeen Yuhs Contrary to what he himself claimed, it reminds us that this was not the work of God, but the work of man.