Zelensky is ready to discuss a “compromise” in the territory of Donbus and Crimea

The situation on the map


  • Russian troops are still trying to siege Kyiv A new curfew is in force from 8 pm local time on Monday to 7 am on Wednesday.
  • Ukraine does not “Don’t lie down on their arms and never leave the city.” Besieged Mariupol, His deputy prime minister said, ignoring Russia’s ultimatum.European Union indiscriminate destruction in besieged cities “Large-scale war crimes” ..
  • Volodymyr Zelensky On Monday, I would like to meet Vladimir Putin, who has rejected Russia’s ultimatum and is ready to discuss the region of Crimea with Donbus.all “compromise” The Ukrainian president said he would be subject to a referendum in Russia in negotiations with Russia to end the conflict.
  • Zelensky on Monday Emmanuel Macron Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte preceded the G7, NATO and European Union summit on Thursday, March 24. “position”. They will be “Shut up, believe”He said in a video on Monday night.
  • Russian tabloid near the Kremlin, Komsomolskaya Prouda Published a report identified by the Russian Ministry of Defense and then withdrawn 9,861 people died In the Russian army since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. This article also reports 16,153 injuries.
  • France The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Monday that it had sent 55 tons of medical equipment, computers, children’s milk and generators to Ukraine via Poland.
  • According to the report from United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesPublished overnight from Monday to Tuesday, 925 civilians have been killed and 1,496 injured in Ukraine since the start of the Russian attack. Authorities say that actual tolls are likely to be much higher, as many information records have not yet been restored.
  • shortly 3.5 million people He has fled Ukraine since February 24, according to UN tally released on Monday. About 90% of them are women and children (Ukrainians between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave their country). Poland alone accepts more than half of the refugees.

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