Zelensky ready to discuss the situation in Putin, Donbas and Crimea in exchange for the end of the battle

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08:50 : “We must impose an embargo on Russian gas and oil, I believe in the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot. This is the only measure commensurate with the suffering of the Ukrainian people and the war crimes committed by Vladimir Putin. “

08:50 : “We must impose an embargo on Russian gas and oil, I believe in the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot. This is the only measure commensurate with the suffering of the Ukrainian people and the war crimes committed by Vladimir Putin. “

08:30 : Hello @Nicholas Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, said: “Progress in negotiations between Russia and Ukraine is not enough to consider the Putin-Zeleski conference,” Quoted Radio France correspondent in Moscow..

08:33 : Hello FI, did Russia respond to the proposals of multiple meetings of the President of Ukraine? Thank you #ukraine

07:57 : Hello @ There is the sun There is no exact list of French companies that exist in Russia, but the names of some of the groups that chose to stay are: List of TotalEnergies, Auchan, Engie, Lactalis, Air Liquide, or Danone Le Figaro..

07:57 :Hello everyone. What is the list of French companies that are still active in Russia?

07:25 : Hello @ JeanneYou can find it at this link and below:

07:25 : Hello FI, V. Where can I hear the full interview with Zelensky? thank you !

07:23 : “The Russian army, facing unexpected resistance (…) and suffering from a significant depletion of its human and physical resources, is far from the image projected over the last decade.” Observe at world Isabel Facon, Deputy Director of the Strategic Research Foundation.Ukraine also reported that five Russian generals and admirals were allegedly killed in action. Le Figaro..

07:23 : Hello @Cooperative Lyone Indeed, shortly after the start of the war, Russian troops began to show failure. Russian troops faced logistical problems, fuel shortages, and old equipment.

07:24 : Hello FI, please tell us about the success of the Ukrainian army. Obviously, the Russian military campaign is not a long and calm river. It would be good if you cheer us up. good job for today.

07:26 : “Some Russians I know are clearly opposed to this conflict, but at the same time they have a deep respect for their country, so when we start to criticize, they get a little angry. So I avoid the subject. “

Franceinfo interviewed several French people living in Russia. If they say they were very shocked by this war, they have no doubt of their existence in Russia.

06:40 : On Twitter, daily journalists Independent Kyiv Post a photo of an ambulance crew in the town of Irpin taking care of a war-torn pet.

06:37 : A yacht owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of the Chelsea Club, has moored in southwestern Turkey, which does not apply western sanctions to Russian oligarchs.US President Joe Biden is an ally “Come to get it [les] Unjustified profit “ Of these oligarchs.

06:43 : Hello @violetAs explained in this article, Ukraine is not part of NATO, so the Alliance has no military, legal, or moral obligation to defend Ukraine and send troops there. Meanwhile, the organization sends equipment and troops to Eastern Europe to support Kyiv.

06:24 : Is NATO’s military response possible?

07:29 : In Mariupol, a large port city in the south, the situation remains dramatic, with mostly Russian-speaking and Russian bombardment for several weeks. The Ukrainian government has rejected the ultimatum issued by Moscow regarding the surrender of the city. Residents refuse to surrender.

06:12 : In Kyiv, a new curfew is in force until Wednesday morning. “65 inhabitants have died, including four children.” About 300 people were injured, including 16 children “Russian bombardment”Said the mayor, Vitali Klitschko.

06:06 : US President Joe Biden said he “clear” Russia is considering the use of chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine.Vladimir Putin “I know there will be serious consequences for NATO’s United Front.”He warned without further details.

07:29 : The main information at 6 o’clock is as follows.

• Volodymyr Zelensky has declared that if he agrees to negotiate directly with Vladimir Putin, including the Crimean Peninsula and Donbas, he is ready to discuss everything with Vladimir Putin. “Security Guarantee” in advance.

• Corsica’s independent activist, Yvan Colonna, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Governor Elignac and died in a coma after a three-week prison attack in Marseille. This drama led to a violent demonstration in Isle.

Since 1994, a Boeing 737 with 132 passengers has crashed in southern China after a 8,000-meter plunge in a plane crash that could prove the worst in southern China.

• Two female victims were killed in a high school attack in Malmö, Sweden, Swedish police said. The suspect was an 18-year-old student who was arrested late in the afternoon.